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The Nose

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The Nose is a short story by Nikolai Gogol and was published in 1836. It tells the story of a man (known as Major Kovalyov) who lost his nose in an extraordinarily strange incident. He soon realizes that his nose dressed as a man of high rank and pretending to be a human being: It goes to church and can talk to Kovalyov. He tries to get the nose back on his face in many different ways but the nose refuses to return.
Nicholai Gogol uses satire to make fun of society in which high position and rank are appreciated much more than personality. The story takes place in 19th century St. Petersburg which had a strict ranked society.
This version of the book is translated by Khashayar Deyhami to Persian (Farsi) and narrated by Reza Omrani. The Persian version of The Nose's audiobook is published by Maktub worldwide.
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The Nose
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