Will Wiles

The Way Inn

Neil Double is a 'conference surrogate,' hired by his clients to attend industry conferences so that they don't have to. It's a life of budget travel, cheap suits, and out-of-town exhibition centers. But his latest job, at a conference of conference organizers, will radically transform him and everything he believes as it unexpectedly draws him into a bizarre and speculative mystery. In a brand new Way Inn - a global chain of identikit mid-budget motels - he meets a woman he has seen before in strange and unsettling circumstances. But before Neil can learn more, she vanishes. Intrigued, he tries to find her - a search that will lead him down the rabbit hole, into an eerily familiar place where he will discover a disturbing secret about the Way Inn.
Ця аудіокнижка зараз недоступна
Dreamscape Media
David McAlister


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