Roger Dawson

The Secrets of Power Negotiating for Your Dream Home

Buying a home is probably the most stressful negotiation in which you'll ever be involved, for two reasons. First it's probably the most expensive negotiation of your life and second it's one that you are likely to have a lot of emotion. How would you like to not only take the stress out of that negotiating process, but to also ensure that you have the best chance of getting a deal on the home of your dreams?
In this all new program, The Secrets of Power Negotiating for Your Dream Home, from negotiating expert, Roger Dawson, you will learn how to get the very best deal on your dream home, whether it's a brand new home or an existing property.
In addition, you'll learn:
The pro's and con's of negotiating with a "For Sale by Owner.Negotiating gambits for both the listing agent and the selling agent.Why you should never say "yes" to the first offer.Why you should ask for more than you expect to get.The art of "The Flinch" and how it can save you big money.How to play the role of the "reluctant buyer" to get an edge in the negotiating process.And much more!
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Roger Dawson


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