Aleksandr Kuprin

The Outrage

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The Outrage - a True Story, Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin.
Kuprin wrote the story immediately after the bloody demonstrations in St. Petersburg, Russia, in January, 1905, known as “Bloody Sunday”—an event considered as the start of the first of three revolutions in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century.
The phenomenon of pogroms against the Jewish people in Russia fits into the overall picture of an unjust society.
Kuprin was a liberally minded intellectual who, along with many others, often voiced his disagreement with government policies.
The utterly unjust and inhumane treatment of the Jews as ready-made scapegoats for any misfortune, be it natural or otherwise, but mostly as a transparent excuse for the government’s own mistakes, caused many writers to voice similar protests.
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Anthony Bottoms


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