David Cottrell

Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky

From the bestselling author of Monday Morning Leadership, this "little book full of big learnings" provides wisdom and a practical framework to help you become your very best.

Imagine how it would feel to greet each day enthusiastic about your work and your life, with renewed energy and optimism, at peace with yourself and those around you. What would it take to get there, rather than just "getting by"?

In Quit Drifting, Lift the Fog, and Get Lucky, leadership authority David Cottrell tells the story of Jack Davis, a hard worker who had thrived early in his career, but finds himself unmotivated, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled. He wants more for himself and his family—but he doesn't know how to get it. Through Jack's meetings with two successful mentors, Cottrell illustrates unique perspectives on achieving success and happiness that anyone can use to improve morale, productivity, and satisfaction at work and in life.

This simple yet profound novelette provides practical tools and inspiration to help you on your own path to success. Enjoy the journey!
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