Michael Kamp

Simba and the Catnappers

Слухати в додатку
Simba’s life is about to change dramatically. After moving out of his Copenhagen apartment, Simba moves into Charly’s mom’s house in the suburbs, where he starts adjusting to his new life as an outdoor cat. However, the house is already home to Otto – a bug-eyed little pug, who runs around barking all day long and simply loves sniffing Simba’s backside. Simba tries to get tough with Otto to force him to keep his nose to himself, but has to realize that that’s an urge little pugs find very hard to resist. One day, Simba comes up against a new challenge. A big dodgy looking guy takes a photo of him, and soon, Simba and Otto have to face a new threat. Simba and the Catnappers is written by YouTuber Charly Baasch (ComKean) and children’s book author Michael Kamp. The illustrations are by Flemming Schmidt.
Tellerup A/S, Tellerup.com
Thomas Magnussen


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