Sara Jo Cluff

The Kiss List

Kissing: A glorious pastime.
High school student Camille Collins' favorite hobby is kissing her boyfriend, Dylan. Dylan's a decent guy, but he's got his sights on something more. So he dumps Camille and spreads a rumor that she's a bad kisser.
With the help of BFFs Hayley and Kaitlyn, Camille devises a perfect plan to prove Dylan wrong—a kiss list. Perfect kisses with a few of the hottest guys in school would leave too much evidence for anyone to deny.
Camille can't wait for the flirting and freedom to begin, but with the sudden hate from her former softball teammates, social media blow-ups, and a distant mom, things aren't turning out as fun as she'd hoped, making her wonder if creating the kiss list was a form of social suicide.
Sara Jo Cluff's The Kiss List explores finding and losing yourself in relationships, when to set healthy boundaries, and how to forgive others.
For fans of Easy A and To All the Boys I've Loved Before.
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Monster Ivy Publishing
Sara Jo Cluff


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