Ph.D.,Seth Jump

Preparing To Ace Anatomy Terms

When you are taking an anatomy course, it can be extremely challenging to know where to begin. Every single topic or subject within anatomy has its own set of terms, structures, and names. Not only do you need to learn all of this, but you also need to know it well enough to ace your exam.
If you add a job, family, and kids to the mix, as well as things you need to do like paying bills, working out at the gym, studying for other classes, and doing the dishes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in a hurry. Naturally, study time can easily end up in the margins of life.
Let me help you get started.
One of the best ways to learn anatomy is to master one topic at a time…to learn one step at a time. In this audio book, I guide you through the foundational terms you need to know to ace anatomy, and I ask you questions at the end so you can practice and review for your exam. These terms include directional anatomy, movement, specific regions of the body, and others that serve as the language of anatomy. Plus, since it’s audio, you get take advantage of what is commonly dead time and make it study time. You can learn, practice, and review in the car, on the subway, on the light rail, between classes, during cleaning around the house, and wherever you want.
I am confident that this audio book will greatly transform your study time. Using this resource, you can digest the most important foundational terms in less than an hour.
For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, the audio book is yours, and you can get one step closer to preparing to ace anatomy.
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Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Ph.D., Seth Jump


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