Eric Brown

Ancient Civilizations: A Complete Overview on the Incas History, the Byzantine Empire, Maya History & Maya Mythology

Discover the history of ancient civilizations and how they lived! This bundle contains three books: Incas, Maya Civilization, and The Byzantine Empire.
Have you always wanted to learn about the great Inca Empire, but your teachers refused to listen? Are you confused between Inca, Aztec, and Maya? Do you want to learn how the Inca people were unique from their Mesoamerican predecessors? Could you even draw the Inca Empire on a map? All this and more will be covered within this audiobook!
Inside this book, you will find:
How an empire grew from such humble, and hostile, beginnings
The geographic location of the empire
An in-depth look at the Incan gods
The terrible civil war
The conquistadors
And more
Maya Civilization
This book’s coverage begins with the development of the Maya through the ancient eras.
Inside this book, you will find the following:
The history of the Maya people and where their civilization began and expanded from
How the name “Maya” came to be used for these people
Results of the Spanish conquest of Mesoamerica and what it meant for the Maya
Why archaeologists believe the Maya empire fell
And much more!
The Byzantine Empire
The history of the Byzantine Empire tells a tale of monumental victories and equally significant defeats - of a phoenix rising from the ashes over and over again, until it simply ran out of miracles.
In this book, you will learn about:
The division of east and west
The Fall of Rome
Justinian’s Golden Age
The Crusades
The final fall
And much more...
Don’t wait another moment to enjoy this information. Get your copy of Ancient Civilizations right away!
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