Doug Heatherly

Doug Heatherly is a project management consultant, trainer, and author. The skills and techniques presented in A PIRATE CAPTAIN'S GUIDE TO LEADERSHIP are those he personally and successfully applied to develop hundreds of employees in a variety of challenging workplaces.
As a project manager, Doug led teams of up to 204 people, and consulted on more than a dozen large-scale business redesign projects, including three that were designated as "Best Business Practices" by the Centers of Excellence. He was a 1997 winner of the prestigious Project Leadership Award, recognizing the top five technology project managers in the United States.
Dr. Heatherly was the co-developer and facilitator of the Leadership Skills Certificate program, and his seminars were attended by more than 10,000 people nationwide. He also served as a member of Bank of America's Small Business Online Community, and provided the group's worldwide membership with more than a thousand articles, reviews, and forum contributions. His work has also been highlighted in a variety of industry publications and he has contributed to more than forty management publications, learning instruments, and business journals.
In 2006, Doug Heatherly founded Lighthouse24 to serve the project management and pre-press services needs of small and independent publishers. The firm has assisted almost a thousand clients around the world.
Doug Heatherly holds a Ph.D. in Business & Ethics, and professional certifications in project management and leadership development. He is a proud veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard and currently resides in Cameron County, Texas.


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