William Whittaker

For years William Whittaker toyed with the idea of becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to providing food for his family. As he lives close to an Amish community he had the opportunity to see how they lived and how they worked and lived off the land by growing their own livestock and crops and using a barter system to get items they did not produce on their own. He sat and though about it and tried to figure out how he could incorporate some of their practices into he and his family's lifestyle. Along with his wife he decided to start with a small backyard garden, growing a few essential vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce and some herbs. As they became more experienced the things that were planted increased until he is now in a position to share his bounty with his neighbors and extended family members. He then though that he could share some of what he learned with others to at least get them started. This is how the book came about. Simple advice laid out in an easy to follow way that enables anyone who can follow a few simple directions on their way to having chemical free vegetables for their home.


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