Osama A. Hashmi

Seattle-based entrepreneur Osama A. Hashmi is CEO and Product Architect of the award-winning CDF Software, a tech software product company, and chairman of Mocha7, a Product and Innovation strategy firm. For over fifteen years, he's been involved in building product-based companies, building startup communities in emerging markets, and helping entrepreneurs and enterprise companies on product strategy. He loves undertaking projects that aim to solve some of the bigger problems in the world.

He played a pivotal role in building a (now thriving) entrepreneurship ecosystem in South Asia, through startup support programs he founded, including the award-winning "Green & White" (100,000 strong community) and the much lauded "Startup Insiders" (2000+ participants). He continues to be a strong advocate for startup companies to focus on ambitious meaningful pursuits and on building products worth making, and has informally mentored or advised over 90 startup companies.

He has advised Fortune-500 companies, board decision-makers at consumer tech companies, startups and small studios on product and competitiveness strategy.

He has a Bsc. Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and received further training on Intelligent Supply Chain Management, and worked as a software architect, management consultant and product strategy analyst before starting his journey in entrepreneurship.

He loves coffee, photo-walks in Seattle with his wife, science-fiction storytelling, and Cello and Erhu music.


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