Javinne White

Javinne White was neck deep in debt, in a bad relationship and confused because of his cluttered home before he discovered Simplicity. Simple living does not have to mean sacrificing and giving up the things you love. On the contrary, it allows you to put more focus on those things that you care about while tossing out the things that you do not. It can be difficult to take those first few steps towards a minimalist life, and many fear that they will be even more miserable without all of the things they are used to having around them. Javinne learned how getting rid of the debt, getting rid of the clutter, and making time for yourself to grow can lead to more happiness and more freedom of self. These things worth the temporary discomfort that changing course can cause? If you are ready to move your life towards minimalism and simplicity, Javinne White advocates five simple steps that you can begin with. Get out of debt. One of the biggest hinders is a mountain of debt looming overhead. Make an effort to create a budget that will help you get your debt paid off, and stick to it. If you can, destroy your credit cards to prevent you from adding on more debt. Get rid of your stuff. We live in a consumerism culture that tells us to buy, buy, and buy. Sit down and examine the things you already own. If you do not actively use it, get rid of it. Be brutal; ignore any sentimental feelings about your clutter that may come up. Make time for leisure activities. Too many people live an over-stressed, over-worked lifestyle. Make time each day to unwind and relax in some way. Doing this is critical, not only for your health but also to help you see how you can rearrange your priorities. Reduce your media time. When you spend time watching the television and being online you are bombarded with advertising. Create a limit for yourself and make sure that you turn it off once that limit is up. The less time you spend watching television shows and surfing online, the more you might find you hardly miss these time wasters at all. Learn a new skill. Part of simple living is a Do-It-Yourself attitude that helps you to craft your own life. Learn how to sew, bake bread, fix your sink, or some other skill that you often leave to others. Taking on new skills and doing things for you can help you to break out of the consumerist mindset and find more freedom. Read his new book: Organized Simplicity How to Declutter Your Home and Simplify Your Life in A Minimalist Way today to gain much more insight.


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