Andrew K. Dennis

Andrew K. Dennis is the manager of professional services software development at Prometheus Research. This company is a leading provider of integrated data management for research, and is the home of HTSQL, an open source navigational query language for RDBMS.
Andrew has a diploma in computing and a BS in software engineering. He is currently studying for a second BS in creative computing.
He has over 10 years of experience in the software industry in the UK, Canada, and USA. His experience includes Python and JavaScript development, e-learning, CMS and LMS development, SCORM consultancy, web development in a variety of languages, open source application development, and a blog dedicated to maker culture and home automation.
His interests include web development, e-learning, 3D printing, Linux, the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, open source projects, parallel computing, home automation, amateur electronics, home networking, and software engineering.
Many of these topics were covered in his previous book, Raspberry Pi Super Cluster, Packt Publishing.


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