Afshan Naheed Hashmi

Please enjoy reading five stars reviews from the Readers' Favorite for The Modern Mughal Mentality on the following enjoy reading four stars reviews from Self-Publishing Review for The Modern Mughal Mentality:"Fascinating and instructive, and it might be very wise of western, and particularly American, businesses to pay attention. Many of Hashmi's examples are amusing. The book presents a wonderful glimpse into a culture many westerners are mostly unfamiliar with. It makes surprisingly good reading for a business guide, and well may open readers' eyes to much more than just the principles of Jugaad." Self-Publishing Review, 4 StarsAfshan Naheed Hashmi - The Modern Mughal Mentality - Virtual Book TourPlease read the wonderful reviews I have got read the following reviews on Amazon: to share a good news I am now:"Amazon Best Selling Author in the Children's Money & Saving Reference Category." (July 2015)"Amazon #1 Hot New Release Author in the Children's Money & Saving Reference Category." (July 2015) "Amazon India Best Selling Author in the Young Adults' Money & Jobs category" (Dec 2015)To view the screenshots of the Amazon page depicting this honor please go to my home page on my author website a lot to all my fans and readers for making The Modern Mughal Mentality gain such honor. My parents kept my name Afshan Naheed which means Shining Star and they always wanted me to shine in the world. Hashmi comes as last name through my husband . I was born in India and educated both in India and USA. I now live in Rockville, Maryland, USA. I belong to one of the most prestigious families of India and am very proud of my royal lineage. Being the granddaughter of a renowned freedom fighter and thinker of India Prof. Abdul Aleem, Mahatma Gandhi has always inspired me. I am an author, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, educator, and a book, movie, make-up and beauty products reviewer, film critic and Radio and TV show host, a successful regulatory and business development and scientific professional with more than a decade of experience. My friends and clients call me "America's India Expert" and I love them calling me by this name! I have an amazingly diverse career, with extensive media experience and have reached more than one billion people via print, TV, and online! I am also a great advocate of philanthropy, female empowerment and the underprivileged. It is my dream to practice as much philanthropy as possible, as well as empower every underprivileged person in my reach to achieve great heights. In keeping with these goals, a certain percentage of my book sales will go towards further growth of the underprivileged.Here is the link to my The Modern Mughal Mentality Blog: know more about me please visit my website author: and general:




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