Niklas Hageback

Niklas Hageback's current focus is on behavioural and cognitive psychology, and he is managing a portfolio of software start-up firms that develop applications in the area of Artificial Intelligence. He has extensive experience in the financial sector working at tier-one financial institutions and consulting firms, such as Deutsche Bank, KPMG, and Goldman Sachs, where he held positions in regional executive risk management and project oversight in both Europe and Asia.
In 2014 he published the bestseller The Mystery of Market Movements: An Archetypal Approach to Investment Forecasting and Modelling (Bloomberg Press) in which he proposes an alternative psychoanalytical methodology for forecasting trends and bubbles in financial markets. He recently published The Virtual Mind: Designing the Logic to Approximate Human Thinking (Chapman & Hall CRC), an in-depth and multidisciplinary review, in which he outlines and defines the underpinnings for modelling human thinking through approximating the mind. He is a frequent commentator on economic and political issues.


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