Sherif Talaat

Sherif Talaat is a young Computer Science addict. He holds many technology certificates. Sherif is working in the ICT industry since 2005; he used to work on Microsoft's core infrastructure platforms and solutions, with more focus on IT process automation and scripting techniques. Sherif is one of the early adopters of Windows PowerShell in the Middle East and Africa. He speaks about Windows PowerShell at technical events and user groups' gatherings. He is the founder of Egypt PowerShell User Group ( and the author of the first and only Arabic PowerShell blog ( He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for PowerShell five times in a row since 2009. You may also catch him at and follow him on Twitter @SherifTalaat. He is also the author of PowerShell 3.0: Advanced Administration Handbook, Packt Publishing.


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