Peter Christie

Peter Christie is a science writer and editor whose work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including The Globe and Mail, the South China Morning Post, the Ottawa Citizen, On Nature magazine, and Canadian Geographic. He is a member of the Canadian Science Writers' Association and a Science in Society Journalism Award winner.These days, Peter spends much of his writing time working for national environmental groups to help get their message out. An avid birder and naturalist, Peter is the author of Reptiles and Amphibians of Prince Edward County and enjoys painting and paddling when he can.Peter lives with his wife and two young daughters in Kingston, Ontario. His books for children—Animal Snoops (Spring 2010), Well-schooled Fish and Feathered Bandits (2006) and Naturally Wild Musicians (2007)—explore the science of animal behavior. The Curse of Akkad (2008) is for teen readers and describes catastrophic climate changes through human history.



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