Daniel Sinclair

Mission: Possible--Defining and Empowering Your Ministry Among the Unreached: Possible--Defining and Empowering : Possible--Defining and Empowering your Ministry Among the Unreached

Millions of people in major religious traditions such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are coming to Christ in unprecedented numbers. At the same time, those laboring on the frontlines-and their partners back home-face a daunting array of complexities and challenges. Mission: Possible combines more than 40 years of lived practice and research among many unreached people groups. Daniel Sinclair, who lives in the Middle East, pulls together major threads which inform and guide practice in pioneering movements ministry, beginning with a foundational understanding of apostleship. Set forth in Mission: Possible are demonstrated practices with tangible results including understanding church planting movements, what to do about baptism, and even how wise stewarding of your own time as a practitioner impacts everything you do. Rather than simply talking about these subjects, Sinclair shows how to do these things. With a strong biblical basis, and years of experience in oversight, coaching and direct ministry, Sinclair's book is a must-read for anyone serious about reaching the unreached.

“I love this book and can't imagine it being written by anyone else.”
— David Garrison, missionary author of A Wind in the House of Islam 
and Church Planting Movements, executive director, Global Gates “I like spicy missiology and Dan is spicy.”
— Dick Brogden, co-founder of the Live Dead Movement, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
“We are going to have everyone on our team and others we influence go through this book.”
— Leaders of a large church-planting team in Saudi Arabia
“…a mixture of biblical examination, grappling with key issues, and real— life considerations…a compelling book.”
— Stan Parks, PhD, movement catalyst and coach, 24:14 Coalition
“Imagine sitting down with a veteran missionary and allowing him to share what he has learned through years of service.”
— Roland Muller, author of Honor & Shame and The Messenger, the Message, and the Community 
“My prayer for the missionaries who read this superb book is, 'O God, let them be fruitful, so that thousands and millions of non-Christians will glorify You for Your mercy.' For praying Christians who want to learn from one of the most Biblical teachers I have known, you will be rewarded by reading this book.”
— Robert A. Blincoe, PhD, president emeritus, Frontiers
“v…crammed with insight and inspiration…”
— Dr. Don Dent, emeritus missionary, professor of World Missions, Gateway Seminary
An eye-witness account of astounding breakthroughs of harvesting in the Muslim world. It is also an unvarnished story of the agony of the nitty-griity, day-to-day of facing and solving the formidable challenges that Muslim work entails. The book is filled with golden nuggets of wisdom that have come out the testing fires of Islam.
— Don McCurry, servant of Christ

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