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French for Beginners

Speaking Basic French in 5 Days Is Possible!

If you're thinking of travelling to France, want to gain a basic understanding of the language or simply have an interest in Europe's finest culture, then you're in the right place. This book will show you how to speak basic French, right here and right now!

Learning a new language, as we all know, can be an extremely daunting task and seem impossible to accomplish. That's exactly why we've written this book — because we want to help you learn to speak French quickly and easily, so you can enjoy speaking this beautiful language without months of exhausting lessons.

Even if you've never before spoken a word of French, we'll show you how to learn enough to hold a decent conversation in a surprisingly short amount of time. We won't teach you any exhaustive grammar or useless vocabulary. Only the important things — the ones that really matter.

Inside the Guide You'll Find:

• Most common French words and phrases, such as: presenting yourself to people, asking for directions, traveling, finding your way in the city, ordering food at a restaurant, shopping, health and emergencies, money exchange, dating, and more…
• Most important rules of French grammar
• Phonetic spelling of every word and phrase
• International Phonetic Alphabet of every word and phrase
• And much, much more…

So do not hesitate! Grab your copy NOW and start speaking French in a matter of days!

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** Since 2012 French for Beginners has been the #1 choice for beginners, tourists and students alike who either wanted to learn French from scratch or needed a refresher to remind them how to speak this enchanting language once again. It still is the perfect tool for these purposes to this day.
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