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Eat Smart Move More Sleep Right

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This book is not based on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. It re-acquaints you with the simple, real and inexpensive facts and truths which have always existed — but which have been complicated and twisted by Man. This volume is based on the simple concepts that have transformed hundreds of people's lives in the areas of health, fitness, weight loss, disease and general well-being. Eat Smart. Move More. Sleep Right. contains a 60-day toolkit to achieve the fitness and weight-loss goals you have always desired. Learn how simple it is to get fit, stay healthy and make the lifestyle changes that will last forever. Watch your health and life transform as you learn about these simple facts and the power of the mind.
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    Olga Soцитуєторік
    I strongly believe that man complicates things, way too much.
    mandabent02цитує2 роки тому
    Success will follow when you know what you want, and you work towards it.
    Time and again it has been proven that writing things down can help you become more organized, focused and committed to your goals. When you see your efforts in black and white, you will be better able to analyze progress and detect areas that need improvement.

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