Shayank Jain

Designing Microservices Using Django: Structuring, Deploying and Managing the Microservices Architecture with Django

Microservices architectures solve the multiple problems of software architecture. Django is a full-stack development framework, written in python.

This book includes everything necessary for web application development; from the user views to the information storage: model, persistence, relationships, controllers, forms, validations, rest API and a very useful back office. Furthermore, the book will show how to build production-ready microservices. It will help you create restful APIs and get familiar with Redis and Celery. Towards the end, the book will show how to secure these services and deploy these microservices using Django. Lastly, it will show how to scale our services.
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BPB Publications
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    Note: The producer, consumer, and broker should be on the same host.
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    As per the Merriam-Webster's to do something in a new way, to have new ideas about how something can be done. In simple words, enhance the functionality more valuable than creating something. Innovating something new is easier than creating something new.
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