Raun Melmed

Autism Early Intervention: Fast Facts

Parents who find out their child might have autism are overwhelmed with doctors, therapists, and information all at once. It can be difficult for these parents to find the answers they need in a sea of resources, especially for a parent who is not familiar with autism terminology and treatments. This little book is the perfect way to get acquainted with autism and early intervention strategies.

It answers questions such as:

What is autism?

What are the signs of autism?

Who is involved in my child's evaluation?

What should I expect at the time of diagnosis?

What are the goals of early intervention?

How do I choose which treatments are right for my child?

In addition to Dr. Melmed's compassionate yet practical advice, this book offers: easy-to-read charts, a glossary of autism terms, and a comprehensive, annotated list of resources.
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