Dubravka Ugrešić


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•Initial print run will be 8,000 or higher.
•First novel in almost a decade from cult favorite Dubravka Ugresic.
•NBCC Finalist for early book from Open Letter (Karaoke Culture) bodes well for coverage of this novel.
•As does the fact that she just won the Neustadt Prize, often referred to as the “American Nobel.”
•Ugresic will participate in key events and celebrations for Open Letter’s ten-year anniversary, including a long author tour.
•Represented by the Wylie Agency, who is taking an active interest in placing excerpts from the novel at major magazines.
•Open Letter currently has three books by Ugresic in print and, including Fox, has three more signed on.
•A number of Ugresic’s previously unpublished essays will appear in lit mags and blogs before the publication of this novel.
Fox will be the focus of a future season of the Two Month Review podcast.
•Galleys (and e-galleys) will be available in October 2017—the hundred-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution (a subject covered in the book).
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David Williams, Ellen Elias-Bursać
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