Allan Burnett

Bonnie Prince Charlie And All That

A real-life adventure “packed with humor” and historical facts about Britain’s royal rebel! (The School Librarian)
Join the dashing Prince on a dangerous mission to win back his three kingdoms from the horrible Hanoverians. Scramble ashore in the Scottish Highlands and find out how Charlie uses his funny wig and fancy French accent to convince the warlike clans to follow him. Gallop into action as the Prince’s fierce Jacobite soldiers skewer his enemies and capture their castles. Find out where things start going wrong—and decide what you’d do if you were Charlie. Learn how dressing up like a girl helps the Prince avoid being turned into sausages by Butcher Cumberland. Smell the crackling gunpowder as Charlie and his clans charge into a showdown with their foes at the battle of Culloden—and find out what happens after the guns fall silent.
Stuffed with superb illustrations, this brilliant book brings history life—and will have kids bounding through the heather on an exciting escapade.
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Дата публікації оригіналу
Рік виходу видання
Birlinn, Birlinn Limited
Scoular Anderson
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