George Oliver,William Preston

Illustrations Of Masonry

This Tract is divided into Four Books. In the First Book, the excellency of Masonry is displayed.In the Second Book the general plan of the subjects treated in the three Degrees is illustrated, with occasional remarks; and a brief description is given of the ancient ceremonies of the Order. This part of the Treatise, which the Author considers most essential for the instruction and improvement of his brethren, is considerably extended in the later Editions. The Third Book contains the copy of a curious old Manuscript on Masonry, with annotations, the better to explain this authentic document of antiquity. The Fourth Book is restricted to the history of Masonry from its first appearance in England, to the year 1812, in which are introduced the most remarkable occurrences of the Society, both at home and abroad, with some account of the principal Patrons and Protectors of the Fraternity at different periods.
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Jazzybee Verlag

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