Kaitlin Penley

How to Be a Woman: Be Yourself and Attract the Right Gentleman

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How to be a Woman: Be Yourself and Attract the Right Gentleman reveals exactly what you need to know to attract the right man. Author Kaitlin Penley dives deep into the crucial information that will help you be yourself. This book will release the knowledge to help you understand what you need to be to find Mr. Right.

Penley takes you step by step from adolescence to shaping you into the woman you will become. You have to feel good about yourself before you can find someone to care about you.
Attract men the right way. You should only settle for the best because that’s what you deserve!
Inside you’ll find:
* Surviving adolescence
* Become the woman who think you should be * Are you a “bitch” or is it the world?
* Destiny to date morons?
* Self confidence
* And so much more!
You deserve more. Let Kaitlin Penley show you how. Don’t waste any more time. Get started now because you only lose if you don’t read what Penley has to offer!
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