Chloe Flowers

The Heart of a Bride

An accident turns his new wife into a suspicious stranger…

Bounty hunters are closing in.

How can she save him if he won’t trust her?

Not only does he refuse to believe they are married…

He’s convinced that he’d never have repeated such a foolish mistake.

Can he fall in love with her a second time?

A series of catastrophic events has him accusing Keelan of conspiracy and betrayal.

When each explanation sounds more and more outlandish, her hope for Landon to remember seems futile. More than ever she needs him on her side if she’s going to save both their lives.

Can Keelan persuade him to believe in her again?

Will he remember their love before it’s too late?

*If you love romance swirled with adventure and intrigue, you’ll love reading about Landon and Keelan’s road to their happily ever after, because the Hart Trilogy combines it all in a tale that will keep you up late into the night!

Get it now and escape to the sultry south.

*Heart of a Tempest, Heart of a Siren and Heart of a Bride is a trilogy that follows Keelan Grey and Landon Hart on their adventure of discovery and a love of a lifetime. Two hearts have never battled more to be together…

*Prefer sexy romance instead? Check out The Pirates & Petticoats Series!
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