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The story of Mike King is a courageous account of his incredible Journey from Fairbanks Alaska to Washington D.C. What is amazing is he did that adventurous trip in his wheelchair 5,605.8 miles finishing at the Capitol steps off Pennsylvania Avenue. So if you can; IMAGINE BEING 20 YEARS OLD, strong and adventurous, with your whole life ahead of you, setting out on a cross-country motorcycle trip with three good friends.
Picture the freedom, feel the wind on your face, visualize the beauty around you—until the moment that changes everything. You slam into a car that pulls out in front of you, you’re ejected from your bike and injured so severely no one expects you to live.
Somehow you survive …
but you’re told you’ll never walk again.
On a beautiful day in August 1978, one month after turning 20, I went from being a happy-go-lucky adventurous young man to an angry one; from being an athlete to a wheelchair user.
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