Mark Bowlin

The Texas Gun Club

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Two very different cousins head to Italy to fight in World War II in this absorbing novel, a winner of the Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal.
The first novel in the Texas Gun Club series, this is the story of two cousins and their journey from south Texas to the distant shores of wartime Italy.
Sam Taft is a rancher, fiercely devoted to his wife, Margaret, and intent on surviving the war and returning to Texas. Each skirmish, every battle, is one step closer to home. His cousin Perkin Berger was a student of history at the University of Texas, and is eager for adventure. The impulsive Berger finds the war a lark, a grand journey—until the harrowing realities of warfare begin to set in.
Set against the backdrop of the battle of Salerno, The Texas Gun Club is meticulously researched and faithful to the saga of the soldiers from Texas in 1943 Italy, written with rich authenticity by a retired naval officer.
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