Do UFOs Exist, Juan Moisés De La Serna
Juan Moisés De La Serna

Do UFOs Exist

The night was dark. Suddenly, a great glow came through the window and such clarity flooded the room that woke me up. Amazed, I looked everywhere. What was going on? I rubbed my eyes and I really didn´t know if I was still asleep and that was a dream.
I sat up in bed. I had to see what was happening because I did not understand what had happened. Trying to wake up a bit, I put my feet on the floor and the coldness of the tiles ended up waking me up. I saw that I was in my bedroom and was still at night. Through the window, nothing could be seen, only darkness, not a single star in the sky could be seen. But in my head, still dazed, I remembered what had woken me up. Although I didn´t know what it had been, a feeling came to my mind, something like a great light, or a glow, maybe it would be a flash light.

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