Amy Myers

Classic in the Barn

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A ’38 Lagonda is driving someone to murder in this first book in a series “destined to be popular with car buffs and puzzlers” (Library Journal).
When Jack Colby, owner of Frogs Hill Classic Car Restorations, stumbles upon a 1938 coupé Lagonda V12 rusting away in a country barn in Kent, he longs to bring it back to its former glory. Jack also takes a shine to its owner, the fetching widow Polly Davis. Sadly, his romantic pursuits cut short. A few days later Polly is murdered just a few feet from the elegant machine. But Jack’s curiosity about the classic car is just revving up.
He knows that years ago Polly’s late husband was found dead in the driver’s seat. It’s clear she had no interest in selling it or restoring it—just hiding it. And now he’s hearing rumors about Polly’s dicey past. Convinced that the Lagonda is somehow involved, especially when it disappears, Jack is determined to uncover Polly’s secrets and bring her killer to justice, even at the risk of his own life.
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251 паперова сторінка
Дата публікації оригіналу
Severn House Publishers, Severn House



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