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A book for parents of teens or preteens, teachers and professionals.

Adolescence is a turbulent time for young people.  Not only do they have to cope with the external pressures surrounding them, such as relationships, academic and peers, they also form their adult personalities.
In addition, there are major changes happening in their body, the physical
changes caused by puberty are combined with a massive rewiring in their brain.  This process causes many of the higher-level functions of the brain to be
effectively shut down, causing problems with communication, self-identity,
problem-solving, emotional regulation and risk-taking.
The combination of these various factors can have a huge impact on the mental health on young people.
This book is designed to explain the changes happening in the brain during this crucial period. The book is split into four parts. The first focuses on the physical changes in the body and brain. In the second, the author explains the mental health conditions commonly diagnosed during this period. The book continues with other factors that affect the mental health of teens in part three.  Finally in part four, the author shares practical strategies for helping maintain the positive mental health of young people.
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