Deborah Smith

Natural Non-toxic Deodorants

Approximately 60% Of What You Apply Onto Your Skin Is Directly Absorbed Into Your Bloodstream!

It is no longer a secret that what we apply on our skin gets absorbed into your bodies. Pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies are increasingly moving to topical products because the skin is highly efficient is taking in what is put on it. This is great when you want your skin to absorb something quickly but BAD NEWS when you think about the chemical compositions that constitute most of our personal and body care products. Do not be surprised even the ones labeled natural or organic are frighteningly not! Try reading and interpreting their labels and you will be shocked at what you will find.

Have you bene searching for homemade deodorant recipes for a while? Look no further, the answer is right here!.

Natural homemade deodorants are easy to make, non-toxic and inexpensive. Why make your own deodorant? Here are just a few reasons you should give it a thought:

Be rest assured you are protected from gross body odour
No visible armpit clothes mark
No toxic chemicals are going into your skin
No blocking of your sweat glands (typical of store-bought brands)
It’s a win-win situation
You can consider it for regular day to day use It works better BETTER than store-bought brands
It lasts for a long time as you only need a tiny amount

If you’re not a DIY-er, you might want to buy all natural deodorants for you and your family BUT if you want to save a few bucks, why not make your own natural deodorant for just a few pennies? If you love experimenting with ingredients, you will find these recipes delightful.

A simple natural homemade deodorant that keeps you fresh and protected all day. It is non-toxic, so you are free cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting, system-destroying chemicals in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants.

In this book you’ll find :

Major reasons why you should ditch your commercial personal and body care products
Commonly used harsh chemicals included in store-bought products
Simple ingredients you can mix up to create your own deodorants and their respective functions
Easy step-by-step mixing instructions

Download Your Copy, Enjoy Chemical-Free Homemade Deodorants For A Holistic Living.
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