Anthony Portokaloglou

Puppy Training

Are you bringing home a new puppy?… No worries!  This 7-day Trainer-Approved Puppy Housebreaking book will ensure your success as you take on your housetraining challenge

You gazed into those big adorable eyes and that puppy seemed to see right into your soul, looking so lovable and cuddly that you were immediately hooked! It felt like it was love at first sight! That little baby was simply impossible to resist! But now you have that sweet little baby home and you are thinking perhaps you purchased a crocodile instead of a puppy as he wants to bite everything in sight hands, walls, shoes, chairs… everything! The little darling chases every moving object and has no idea of where or when to go potty.

Understand that whatever puppies require from us in effort, they give back so much more than they take. Their cute presence elicits our best impulses that are deep within us and their contribution to our lives makes us better, caring people for the benefit of those around us!

So, don’t despair, as this book will give you the tools to have your puppy trained in record time!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover in this book

Understanding Your Puppy and the Pack MentalityHow to potty train your puppy in record timeLearn everything about the diet of your puppy Potty training with and without crateUnderstanding a Urinary Tract InfectionMuch more!

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