Max Carrey,January Wren


In this sultry collection of short storiesfive emerging authors reveal what it means to be marked.
When a mobster's ex-girlfriend is marked for murder by a dangerous gang of criminals, she will do whatever it takes to escape, even if it means taking on a whole new identity.
A hot, sensual night at a Las Vegas club quickly turns dark and foreboding. When the young woman's lover takes the fall, she is forever indebted to him, marked by a tattoo that reminds her of their shared secret.
When a young woman decides to take a dip in a pond, she emerges as a goddess with not only newfound strength and sexual prowess but also a strange mark on her body. Is it the sign of a blessing, or the sign of a sinister curse?
A newlywed couple is marked by insecurities that plague them, but when they cast their self-doubts aside, they reveal an electrifying connection and discover pleasure like they've never felt before.
Tormented by guilt from hiding a family secret, a young man starts to pull away from his lover, but when she discovers the mark of his secret and the truth is revealed, their embers of passion become the burning flames of desire.
Which steamy story will be your favorite?

Featured Contributors:
H. R. Hypolita ♦ January Wren ♦ Max Carrey ♦ Shanjida Nusrath Ali ♦ and Wolfgang Domino

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