Fifty Shades of Crowdfunding – 50 Worldwide Crowdfunding Platforms Reviewed, Davide Magrini
Davide Magrini

Fifty Shades of Crowdfunding – 50 Worldwide Crowdfunding Platforms Reviewed

This book, first of all, wants to be a quick guide for those who are looking to fund their projects using a crowdfunding platform. In this book you can find 50 of the most working crowdfunding platforms, described for their main features, so that you can make your selection and finally choose the right platform that should be useful to fund your project.
This book is written after a previous scan of dozens of websites and crowdfunding guides and after a previous check of more than 400 crowdfunding platforms websites, that eventually led us to the selection of 50. In the meanwhile some changes could have happened, in that case we'd be glad if you report it to our email you an find inside. We would be glad, anyway, to receive your opinion and specially recommendations to improve this guide. As you understand this guide could be edited again, brushed up and with more platforms reviewed, so please help us doing that!
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