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The Anxiety Getaway

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Learn how to overcome fear and relieve your anxiety through cognitive behavioral therapy.
Many of the available resources for managing anxiety are based on opinion rather than science. Dr. Craig April, founder of The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management, relies on the latter. By employing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), he helps readers overcome fear for the anxiety relief they desire.
Assuming the role of victim when it comes to anxiety can make us feel trapped and convince us that we have no control in getting better. However, Dr. April has found that in most of its forms, anxiety is not a mental health disorder. In fact, anxiety relief begins by facing our fears. Using a stripped-down, no-nonsense approach to anxiety, Dr. April takes CBT techniques and tackles anxiety at the root: false fear messages.
Fear is a factor in all lives, whether we feel it plays a significant role in controlling us or not. Lucky for us, it is also something that can be faced. By recognizing anxiety as a result of false fear messages, we become better equipped to manage it. An expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety relief, Dr. April uses over twenty years of experience to help readers face their fears and overcome their anxiety.
In this indispensable book on anxiety relief for adults, you’ll discover:Effective anti-anxiety methods used at The April Center for Anxiety Attack ManagementA non-victim approach to help you take back control and reclaim your lifeTips and practical tools to overcome fear
Praise for The Anxiety Getaway
“With humor and compassion, Dr. Craig April tells you to “do the work to claim your calm” and shows you the path to get there. This book is filled with solid, practical advice to defeat anxiety, based on scientifically backed techniques and years of clinical experience. His approach is sure to inspire us all to face our fears with courage and perseverance!”? Helen Odessky, PsyD, author of Stop Anxiety from Stopping You
“All I can say is thank the Lord for Dr. Craig April and The Anxiety Getaway. I hope you take the time to check out this new book and that you are able to use the advice in your life like my family did.”? Mommies Reviews
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