MSN,RN,PMHCNS-BC,Susan Stabler-Haas

Fast Facts for the Student Nurse

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ìThis guide by Stabler-Haas sets itself apart in its direct, kind, and professional tone…Notably, it concludes with chapters about success beyond graduation…Recommended.î--Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
Written with candor and good humor, this Fast Facts guide for students in diploma, AD, BSN, and RN-BSN level programs features the information that nursing students really need to know in order to achieve excellence up to and beyond the NCLEX.
Incorporating many real-life examples (drawn from more than 1,000 students taught by the author), Fast Facts for the Student Nurse clarifies common issues such as choosing a major, work/study arrangements, and difficulties associated with living at home. It discusses the NCLEX, licensure, continuing education, and graduate education, and helps readers identify what type of learner they are and how to capitalize on their strengths. Checklists to facilitate important decision making and charts and tables with “hot topics” are also included.
Key Features:

Provides, in Fast Facts format, all of the information new and experienced nursing students need to know for classroom and clinical successHelps readers identify their learning style and capitalize on strengthsCovers the NCLEX, licensure, continuing education routes, graduate education, and how to survive the first year of practice
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