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Overeating? : How To Stop Binge Eating, Overeating & Get The Natural Slim Body You Deserve : A Self-Help Guide To Control Emotional Eating Today!

YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN STOP BINGE EATING, OVEREATING & EMOTIONAL EATING. Get ready, this book will change your life! In this guide, Overeating? : How To Stop Binge Eating, Overeating & Get The Natural Slim Body You Deserve : A Self Help Guide To Control Emotional Eating Today!, you will learn how to eliminate the single behavior that 70 years of scientific research proves causes overeating, binge eating, and feeling out of control with food. Uncover the secret to being able to keep any food in your house--without it calling your name. Find out exactly why your best weight loss efforts have failed in the past--and more importantly, exactly what you can do to change it. You are about to finally uncover the single reason why you've been experiencing such an uphill battle with food and your weight. And far more importantly…I am going to teach you the skills you need to win the food fight once and for all--without dieting.
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    Отличная книга о том, как шаг за шагом наладить отношения с едой. Кратко, но очень информативно👍🏻

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    Прекрасная книга! Все по делу. Никакой воды. Реальное практическое пособие, можно прочитать за вечер. Язык простой, так что на английском прочитать не проблема.

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    Anna Yilmazцитує4 місяці тому
    the solution to stop binge eating is obvious: you need a lifestyle change, particularly in your eating habits. You need to make changes, but these changes must not be temporary; you need to be committed to make these changes permanent.
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    You need to understand what causes you to binge
    Lena Maria Gammelgaard Hansenцитує3 роки тому
    Remember these affirmations and tell them to yourself when the urge hits you:
    I am my own person.
    I am a beautiful person and I won’t let anybody tell me differently.
    Binge eating is not the solution to my problems.
    I am a strong person. I can solve my problems and I will not escape them through eating.

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