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Summary of Business Adventures by John Brooks | Includes Analysis

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Chapter 1

The concept of the stock market was invented in Amsterdam in 1611, as chronicled in a

book published in 1688 by stock trader Joseph de la Vega. His insights into trading

remain remarkably relevant today. He coined the term “antiperistalsis” to describe when

the market reverses course, then reverses course again. Even back then, de la Vega found

that brokers were creative in trying to find reasons for why stocks behave the way they


The mini-stock market crash that took place on May 28, 1962, did not last long, but

offers some fascinating insight into the way the market works. The causes of the crash, at

the time the worst since 1929, remain somewhat elusive. One possibility was individual

investors, particularly wealthy investors not connected to the securities business.

However, it also appeared to be the large number of rural, female and foreign investors

who had been playing the market with borrowed money and were forced to pay on

margin calls. There were also problems related to the mechanical delay in recording and

reporting trades via the ticker due to the sheer volume of transactions. Customers could

not really know what the prices were when they tried to sell stocks. No matter the cause,

the loss was large at more than $20 billion…

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