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Walking Stick Yoga

Whether you have a regular yoga practice, or this is your first inquiry into yoga, by reading this book you have the potential to embark on a new life habit.

The basic message from the yogic tradition is that the postures should be stable, one should be able to hold them for an extended period, and they should have the twin qualities of both effort and effortlessness — or initial striving and relaxing into. Using supportive staffs or trekking poles while practicing yoga postures allows one to bring the qualities of stability and ease into each posture.

Struggles with balance are immediately removed, and the resultant ease allows unneeded muscles (such as those of the jaw and face) to relax. Practitioners will find that the ability to hold a pose is greatly enhanced.

The poses in this book offer a wonderful and very accessible gateway to the present moment, supporting mental wellbeing which, in turn, makes us happier, less self-centered, and brings us into greater connection with others.

All you need to practice Walking Stick Yoga is a pair of walking poles and a commitment to open yourself to the experience.

Walking Stick Yoga can be done almost anywhere and is particularly suited to the outdoors. Practicing standing postures using walking sticks requires neither smooth ground nor perfectly clean ground. In fact, taking a walk outdoors with sticks prior to, or immediately following, a Walking Stick Yoga practice greatly enhances one’s exercise regime.

All proceeds from this title go to InStill Mindfulness, in support of their efforts to cultivate a mindful world for all.
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