Clare Flynn

The Green Ribbons

«Two men will love you. Both will pay the price for it»

Hephzibah Wildman’s life is dramatically changed when her parents die in a tragic accident. Homeless and penniless, she must now face the challenge of finding her way alone in the world.

Working as a governess in a country house, Ingleton Hall, Hephzibah begins to rebuild her life. Drawn to the handsome and elusive Thomas Egdon, she must avoid the unwanted attentions of his father, her employer Sir Richard, the squire of Ingelton Hall.

Who is the mysterious woman who steals the green velvet ribbons from Hephzibah’s bedroom in the middle of the night and what is the secret Thomas Egdon is concealing from her?

An impulsive decision by Hephzibah unleashes a chain of events that lead to dangerous consequences.

From the author of A Greater World and The Chalky Sea, a classic late Victorian/Edwardian tale of love, desire, revenge and hope.
309 паперових сторінок
Дата публікації оригіналу
Cranbrook Press



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