A Masterpiece of Corruption

In this mystery by the author of Crooked Herring, a lawyer in Cromwell’s England receives dangerous info that could stop a murder—or get him killed.
John Grey is a newly minted lawyer and would-be ladies’ man with a bad habit of poking his nose into other people’s business and getting tangled up in intrigue. That’s unfortunate, because a mis-delivered letter from royalists has left Grey with more information about a murderous plot than it’s entirely safe to know. Can Grey prevent the murder? And of infinitely more importance, can he keep his mouth shut long enough to save his own skin?
Praise for A Masterpiece of Corruption
“Tyler cleverly marries plot and period in his sequel to A Cruel Necessity set during the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell . . .. Tyler’s judicious use of dry humor enhances a page-turning and plausible story line.” —Publishers Weekly
“A dizzying whirl of plot and counterplot.” —The Guardian (UK)
272 паперові сторінки
Дата публікації оригіналу
Felony & Mayhem Press



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