Dondra Agovino,Gina Birkemeier

Your Faithful Brain Ignited

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Your Faithful Brain Ignited! is the essential companion for Dr. Matheson’s original work: Your Faithful Brain: Designed for so much more!
This isn’t your typical guidebook! Taking themes and concepts from the original text and reordering them for the most impact, Your Faithful Brain Ignited! brings practical, life application to the material through engaging questions, experiences and exercises.
This guidebook will have you reading the original book in a completely different order than it’s written! A unique approach to the material offers you the opportunity to explore ideas that build on each other to create a full life; engaging the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of your being.
Perfect for individuals, couples or small groups, Your Faithful Brain Ignited! will challenge you to embrace the life God intended and experience joy as more than a feeling, but as an achievable state of your soul.
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