Baby Professor

Mr. Goo Goes Food Tripping: Famous Food and Delicacies in Europe

They say that the local cuisine say so much about the culture and tradition of a people. There are fantastic shows and books out there that explicitly describe mouthwatering local dishes; and this is one of those books. Detailed here are Mr. Goo's food adventures around Europe. The pictures look so delicious that you would be itching to visit Europe soon! Open a copy today!
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    Menna Abu Zahraцитує4 місяці тому
    Moussaka dish with aubergine and chili pepper
    Hot potato goulash with bacon and Vienna sausages
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує4 місяці тому
    Chicken salad
    Beef stew with vegetables
    Menna Abu Zahraцитує4 місяці тому
    Farmhouse bread with delicious salami
    Sausage with potatoes and sauerkraut and bread loaves
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