Robert Ennever

Anna's Story, a Tribute to Love

Anna didn't want to die. She wanted to live to see her grand-daughters' weddings. But it was not to be.

It is always tragic to lose a loved one, but it is sheer torture to watch one's partner deteriorate day by day, losing faculties one by one, the use of arms, legs and hands, and eventually the ability to speak. It is awful when a brain ceases to function, memory goes and friends are no longer recognised. It is even worse when someone is aware of what is happening. To face that reality takes courage, enormous courage, both for the sufferer and the carer.

For Anna it was the love she and her husband shared which comforted her and gave her strength and the determination to endure. For Rob, her husband, it was that same love which caused him to devote his life to her care.

Anna's Story is both a tragedy and an inspiration. It explores the depths of sorrow and shines with the wonder of the human spirit. It tears at your soul, brings tears to your eyes, then uplifts you with two peoples' dedication to each other.

If you have been a carer, if you have suffered the grief of a loved one's passing, if you have seen first-hand the battle of many to survive and the dignity and acceptance of the terminally ill, then you will identify with Anna's heart-wrenching struggle with a disease which is today incurable.

You will understand the reason for, and the message of, Anna's Story.
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