Garnett Reid

Deuteronome 6 en 3D

Many parents are grasping for whatever help they can find to navigate the mine-field that is raising children in the 21st century. This booklet reminds parents that a tested, proven, workable source with reliable answers may be found in the Bible. This booklet begins with a thorough walk through Deuteronomy 6 explaining the particular concepts of the passage. It includes personal anecdotes to show how relevant these principles are to families who want to be committed to God in today's world. The text centers around how to have a genuine, life-changing relationship with God. Dr. Reid contends that this covenant relationship through Christ brings satisfaction to all of life, particularly in the parent-child connection. The rest of the booklet surveys briefly the entire Bible to explore pivotal points highlighting our need to love God and nurture our children in that love. When we apply to real life the two great family-building dynamics of loving God and loving our children, God can work through us to nuture coming generations of families who will be loyal to Him. This booklet is a quick read with powerful information to help parents better grasp God's parenting plan.
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