Adam Alter

Drunk Tank Pink: And Other Unexpected Forces That Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave

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Drunk Tank Pink' is a particular shade of pink. In 1979 psychologists discovered that it has an extraordinary effect: if you stare at it for two minutes, you dramatically weaken in strength. In this brilliant study of the strange recesses of our minds, Adam Alter reveals the world is full of such hidden forces that shape our every thought, feeling and behaviour – without us ever realizing. Some letters in product names make us more likely to buy them (nearly all successful brands contain a 'k' sound) We're more likely to be critical if we write in red rather than green biro Your first report at school can determine your future career Understanding these cues is key to smarter decision-making, more effective marketing, and better outcomes for our selves and our societies. Prepare for the most astounding and fast-paced psychology book since Blink and Predictably Irrational.
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    In Yagan, an indigenous language on the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, mamihlapinatapei means “the wordless yet meaningful look shared by two people who desire to initiate something, but both are reluctant to start”, a concept that doesn’t exist in quite the same way for English-speakers, who romanticize a first kiss but not the moment before the kiss.
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    Since people with N–Z names habitually wait behind people with A–M names, the researchers guessed that N-to-Zers might be chronically quicker to respond to limited opportunities because they so often have to wait their turn.

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