Jade Lee

Hungry Tigress (The Way of The Tigress, Book 2)

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Can sex be the gateway to an ancient mystical realm unheard of in the West? According to Chinese Tantrics, the answer is YES.

In Jade Lee's award-winning Tigress series, western women discover that sex is not simply for pleasure, but for religious ecstasy. Who will come out on top? The Western Tigress or the Chinese Dragon? And is the new erotic realm they discover LOVE?

HUNGRY TIGRESS (The Way of the Tigress, Book 2)

Joanna Crane is captured by political rebels with a taste for white flesh. Her rescuer is a Shaolin master with fists of steel, eyes like ice, and ideas of his own.

But Zou Tun's protection comes at a price. Can the mystical sex he proposes really alter the course of his nation?

THE WAY OF THE TIGRESS, in series order
White Tigress
Hungry Tigress
Desperate Tigress
Burning Tigress
Cornered Tigress
Tempted Tigress
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